Trailrun van de Voervallei

Sunday, August 27 2023 – Vossem

kidsrun – 6km (start to trail) – 12km – 24km

If you run with us, we all together sponsor with the profits of the trailrun, the purchase and installation of 20 solar-powered street lanterns in the village of Sami Kanrantaba in Gambia

Sami Karantaba in Gambia

SMS, chat, share, twitter, snap, call and mail because we need approximately 1000 participants to be able to provide the whole village with the street lanterns

Listen here to Bamadi, one of the inhibatants of the village.

The sun sets very quickly in Gambia and then it is suddenly very dark. Childen can no longer study or play outside and all the women stay inside. The installation of the led street lanterns will make sure that every compound and the neighbourhood around, are luminous and safe. this makes sure that life after sunset can safely continue.

This project is in cooperation with “Dimbalma voor Gambia”. This organisation has already financially supported several projects, including the installation of street lanterns in 2 other villages in the surrounding area. More information on “Dimbalma voor Gambia”

On August, 27 all of you are very welcome to join our trailrun throughout the woods, fields and hollow roads in and around Vossem.

Also this year there will be plenty of other activities in the village : musical performances, fairground attractions, food and drink stands, Plattoo cup, “Vlaanderen zingt”,….

As cherry on the cake, we offer a reception for the group, club, team or company with the highest number of participants (only pre-registrations are taken into account when mentioning the group name). Do not hesitate to participate in this event together with your friends, colleagues or team. Do not forget that by participating, you provide a safer neighborhood for the inhabitants of the village Sami Karanaba in Gambia. The reception will take place between 13.00pm and 14.00pm and the group that will be offered the reception, will be announced at the start of the race at 10.00am.


  • 09.00am : start 100m (entry class and first kindergarten)
  • 09.10am : start 300m (second and third kindergarten)
  • 09.20am : start 600m (first grade of primary school)
  • 09.30am : start 900m (second grade of primary school))

participation cost for children is 1€ and needs to be paid on site

Trailrun van de Voervallei : start at 10.00am

start to trailminimaxi
# km6 km (6.09 km)12 km (12.90km)24km (24.56km) km
supplyon arrival6.2km – arrival6.2km – 14.8km – arrival
track course1.7 km2.4 km5.4 km
trail course4.25 km10.5 km19.16 km
pre-registration (until 23/8)5€7€10€
registration (27/8)7€10€15€
course6 km12 km24 km
course trackfollow the red arrowsfollow the white arrowsfollow the yellow arrows


Practical information :

  • timetable
    • 09u00 : first start kidsrun
    • 10u00 : start of 6 – 12 – 24 km
    • 10u10 : podium for kidsrun
    • 12u00 : podium for 12 km and 24 km (ladies en gentlemen) PLEASE NOTE : no podium voor 6 km
    • 13u00 until14u00 : reception for biggest group, team or company
  • registration, start and finish : Pastorieplein in Vossem
  • dressing rooms and showers available at the start
  • podium
    • 10.10am : podium ceremony for the kidsrun
    • 12.00am : podium ceremony for 12km and 16km (men and women)
  • official time registration
  • carpark available at a short distance from start and finish (indicated by arrows)

an organisation of Gladiator Events

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